Kenyan Coast,Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Park

Kenyan Coast,Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Park

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Kenyan Coast

The perfect and ideal place for a beach holiday. It offers, some of the finest deep-sea fishing in the world. The history of the coastline goes back over a thousand years. The Kenya Indian Ocean coastline forms the Eastern border and stretches for some four hundred and eighty kilometres with palm fringed pearly white sandy beaches. Extending from North to South lies a spectacular coral barrier reef with wonders of under- water exploration in the blue lagoons and creeks. These attractions together with superb accommodation facilities make the Kenya Coast an incomparable holiday for both beach and nature lovers. It is possible to swim in the warm clear waters of the Indian Ocean all year round. The Kenya coast is divided into distinct resorts, namely:- Mombasa, North & South Coast, Malindi and Watamu, and Lamu each having its own unique characteristics and attractions.

Mombasa has a harmonious blending of the great cultures of Africa, Asia and Europe. The Old Town with its narrow streets with fascinating place of antiquity worth seeing. The 16th century Fort Jesus is a major attraction.

The North and South Coast are long stretches of idyllic beaches that are fringed with swaying palms, casuarinas, oleanders and frangipan. The Mtwapa creek with its abundant birdlife and Bamburi nature trail on the north are a must for nature lovers. Diani & Chale Marine National Park and Reserve, Kisite Marine National Park are places with a dazzling array of techni-coloured fish and coral gardens which are worth visiting.

Malindi & Watamu are renown for its beauty and diversity of marine life. Malindi’s history dates back to the 12th century. Here time stands still and centuries of civilization have not altered the courtesy and charm of the people. The Gede ruins are a few kilometers from Malindi and are a fascinating glimpse of Islamic culture and village life. The ruins were mysteriously abandoned in the 17th century

Lamu takes one back through time to a way of life that has remained unchanged for the last six hundred years and here time seems to standstill. The Lamu archipelago is the Venice of Kenya as it is linked to the mainland and other smaller islands such as Manda and Kiwayu by waterways

Tsavo East National Park

One of Kenya’s largest National Parks, covering approx. 40 per cent of the total area of all Kenya’s National Parks. It’s beautiful landscape and proximity to the coast makes it a popular safari destination. Bushy grassland and open plains alternate with savannah and semi-arid acacia scrub and woodlands.The Yatta plateau is the world’s largest lava flow.

Game include: elephant, rhino, lion, leopard, crocodile, waterbuck, kudu, gerenuk and zebra. It is a home to some of the largest herds of elephants in Kenya. 500 bird species are recorded including ostrich and some migratory kestrels and buzzards.

Area: 11,750 square kilometers
By Road: 6 hours from Nairobi
By Air: Safari link .(Charter Flights on request)

Tsavo West National Park

This is where the notorious “Man Eaters of Tsavo”, man-eating lions preyed on the railway linesman building the great Uganda railway in 1900. The park has important historic connections as a major battleground in World War I where British and German troops battled for supremacy.

This park offers tremendous views with diverse habitats ranging from mountains, river forest, plains, lakes and wooded grassland. Game include: cheetah, leopard, buffalo, rhino, elephant, giraffe, zebra, lion, plains game, crocodile and small mammals including mongoose, hyrax, dik dik and the nocturnal porcupine. Mzima springs is a star attraction, a pool of natural spring water with underwater viewing hides for observing hippos.

Area: 9,075 square kilometers
By Road: 5 hours from Nairobi

Shimba Hills National Reserve

The Shimba Hills National Reserve is a small National Reserve in the Coast Province of Kenya, 33 km from Mombasa and 15 km from the coast. The reserve is an area of coastal rainforest, woodland and grassland. It is an important area for plant biodiversity – over 50% of the 159 rare plants in Kenya are found in the Shimba Hills, including some endangered species of cycad and orchids. It is also a nationally important site for birds and butterflies.

There are estimated to be approximately 700 elephants in the reserve. This population is unsustainably high – it causes significant damage to vegetation, threatening the endangered plant life. Conflict between humans and elephants has also reached critical levels. North of the Reserve, the Mwaluganje elephant sanctuary has been established to provide a route for elephants to leave the park. The remainder of the park boundary is fenced to prevent the elephants from invading farmland. Shimba Hills contains Kenya’s only population of Sable Antelope. There are about 100 in the park.

Watamu Marine National Park

This  is possibly the finest Marine National Park in Kenya. The coral gardens are merely 300 metres from the shore and are home to a vast number of fish (over 600 species) and other weird and wonderful sea-creatures. Water temperatures vary from 20-30 degrees celcius depending on the season, the coldest being June-October and the warmest being from December to May. It is easy to spend 4 or 5 hours marvelling at the wonders of the sea!!

Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary

This Sanctuary has an area of 36 km², and it, along with the adjacent Shimba Hills National Reseerve both form the Shimba Hills Ecosystem.

Mwaluganje is located in an ecosystem characterized by rolling hills, steep ridges, cliffs and winding water shades. A forested area of approximately 23,736 hectares.

The ecological attractions in Mwaluganje are diverse with scenic beauty such as the great natural forests, awe-inspiring cliffs and the warm blue Indian Ocean. Other natural attractions are “God’s Bridge,” “Time Rock” and the traditional shrine that characterizes the sacredness of the community.

The sanctuary was created in 1993 to conserve the serene surroundings, which house the rare and endangered African elephants, moist deciduous forest, riparian vegetation, and other special attractions available in the ecosystem.

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Kenyan Coast,Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Park
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